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Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Boerne

Often, a general dentist refers people who need expert root canal treatment to an endodontist. Dr. Kurt Myers of Boerne Endodontic Associates has completed an additional two years of advanced residency training to be an endodontic specialist. He is the expert in the diagnosis of root canal disorders and the treatments that eliminate pain and save teeth. 


Initial Treatment

If you need endodontic treatment, Dr. Myers will first complete a thorough oral history and examination, along with a radiographic picture (x-ray) of the tooth and the area around it. A proper assessment and accurate diagnosis of which tooth is infected and exactly what is causing your pain is necessary to treat a root canal successfully. Dr. Myers will also check your medical history and current medications to confirm you are healthy enough for treatment. If you are nervous about having a root canal done, an oral sedative or anti-anxiety medication may be helpful. Dr. Myers will discuss all of this with you before any treatment begins. 

The infected pulp is removed from the tooth first, using specially designed instruments used to clean out the root canals and pulp chamber. This process is not painful because the area is numb; once the pulp and nerve have been removed, the tooth itself stops experiencing pain. Next, the root canals are disinfected with antiseptic and anti-bacterial solutions. Then, they are sealed to prevent infection from reoccurring. Afterward, your tooth will need a permanent filling or a crown to replace lost tooth structure and provide a complete seal to the top of the tooth. This step is important because there could be a recurrence of internal infection of the tooth if the filled root canals have any bacteria remaining.

Endodontic Re-Treatment

If you have had a previous root canal that becomes re-infected, Dr. Myers has the knowledge and skill to determine if re-treatment can save the tooth. Your condition will be extensively evaluated to find the cause of why the infection returned. The canals inside of your tooth are carefully examined using magnification and illumination to search for any supplementary canals or unusual anatomy that needs treatment. Dr. Myers has over 22 years of experience and uses the latest technology to treat any unique endodontic conditions successfully. 

Root Canal Surgery – Apicoectomy

If the canals of your tooth are unusually narrow or blocked, Dr. Myers may recommend endodontic surgery. This type of surgery is called an apicoectomy and involves making an incision at the end of the root to gain full access to the infection and remove it, then seal it off completely. Root canals can be complex, with many small canals branching off from the main canal. If infected tissue remains in these branches, it can prevent healing or cause re-infection later. Dr. Myers will remove the root tip, or apex, along with the infected tissue. A filling is then placed to seal the end of the root. The procedure is also called endodontic microsurgery because it is done using an operating microscope.

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Dr. Myers and his staff understand the importance of proper endodontic treatment and how to tailor the procedure for each individual circumstance. If you have untreated tooth pain, sensitivity, or cracked teeth, you may need endodontic therapy. Dr. Myers specializes in endodontic treatment and can take care of an issue quickly and professionally. Call Boerne Endodontic Associates today for a complete examination and consultation. 



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